HUMAK Security organises educational seminars on Training Maritime Unarmed
Guards. The seminars cover the following subjects:
Piracy and Anti-Piracy
Rules of Violence-Operational Instructions
ISPS Code-Ship Safety Plan and Threat Assessment
Ship Security Officer Duties
ICOC Of Geneva - Montreux Documents
IMO Regulations
BMP-4 and Passive Defense
Introduction to Geographic, Political, Cultural elements of the different countries
and geographic Areas.
Introduction to Maritime Terminology
Safety and First Aid Training
All the seminars are taught by experienced and well-trained instructors, with great
professional and training expertise on Security-Anti-Piracy-Crisis Management-
HUMAK Maritime Private Security Services
Goals of The Seminars:
Providing valuable knowledge and information.
Covering operational and all possible issues on Anti-piracy (including processes,
institutional limitations, regulatory issues, general maritime issues and many
Who might be interested in these seminars:
Everyone who wishes to work or is currently working as a MARITIME UNARMED
Individuals working in agencies/companies providing Anti-Piracy Services.
Maritime Company Employees
Subjects Covered in the Seminars:
Details about International Piracy, in Somalia, Southeast Asia and Western Africa
(causes-analysis of Piracy and Pirates), techniques and tactics used.
Detailed description (geographical, political etc.) of the Territory of operation
Regulatory developments on Piracy
A look into the International Marine Organisation and other International
Organisations and the actions they take to fight Piracy. A detailed walkthrough
and analysis of BMP-4 (Best Management Practices) for the ships that navigate
near Somalia and all the locations where Piracy thrives.
Knowledge of Maritime practices to help make the mission itself more
successful, help make life on the ship easier and the collaboration between the
Captain-the crew and the Guards more effective.
Best Practices and Survival Techniques in case of Piracy and hostage
Protection Measures for ships navigating through high risk waters
Rules of Fighting and use of violence- Operational Guidelines
Ship Safety Plan
Identifying and evaluating targets-estimating the level of danger in the high-risk
territories, Estimating Danger and Safety Conditions.
Regulatory provisions and laws of the Flag State of the ship and of the coastal
countries related
Dealing with Piracy scenarios successfully